8650-R-School District Compliance with Copyright Law Regulation

No copyrighted material may be reproduced or copied in any form except in accordance with the following rules:

  • Staff and students may make copies of material for personal reference and use.
  • Staff and students may make copies of material for distribution in class if:
    • the body of the material to be reproduced is no more than: 250 words of poetry; a single article, story or essay of up to 2500 words; an excerpt of up to 1000 words or 10% of a prose work, with a minimum ceiling of 500 words; or a single illustration from a book or periodical;
    • the reproduction is done at the inspiration of the teacher, decided close to the time of the use, and not at the direction of higher authority;
    • reproduction by either teacher or student does not exceed: one complete work or two excerpts from the same author or three from one collective work or periodical, but no more than 9 different reproductions of material, other than from news periodicals or newspapers, per semester; one copy of each work per student;
    • the same work has not been reproduced by that teacher or student for any other class or during the preceding semester;
    • each reproduction bears a copyright notice, including the © or ® symbol, year of publication and name of the copyright owner.
  • No copies may be made from workbooks or other consumable works.
  • Staff may install proprietary computer software onto hard drives for normal use. The original copy and any other back-up copies thereof will be stored. No other copies will be made or used except as authorized by the specific license agreement.
  • Non-proprietary software may be copied by staff and students as desired.
  • Students will not copy district-owned proprietary software from district computers, nor install or use personal software, proprietary or nonproprietary, on district computers
  • Staff and students may make audio or video tapes of  copyrighted material, including musical and dramatic works, only for classroom use, including evaluation and rehearsal, unless done in accordance with paragraph 7, below.
  • Any other reproduction of copyrighted material will be made only after acquiring permission to do so from the copyright owner. This includes the creation of anthologies, collections and reviews for instructional use, and audio and video tapes for sale or other non-academic distribution.
  • The Superintendent may approve the payment of licensing fees  and/or royalties on a case-by-case basis.

Note: Regulation added
Reviewed January 10, 2012
Revised, Reviewed March 6, 2018

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