9700-Staff Development

The Board of Education believes that staff training and development help ensure the success of educational programs and improve the efficiency of the district. Therefore, the district will provide development opportunities to staff to increase their effectiveness and job performance. The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for implementing and administering staff development programs for the district’s employees.


All administrators in the school district will receive appropriate training and professional development in accordance with law, regulation or any applicable collective bargaining agreement. The Superintendent will be responsible for providing such training and development.


All teachers will be provided with substantial professional development opportunities directly related to student learning in accordance with any applicable collective bargaining agreement and the district’s Professional Development Plan. Level III teaching assistants and long-term substitute teachers (employed for more than 40 days in a school year) shall have the opportunity to participate in the district’s professional development program. The plan shall include:

  • A needs analysis, goals, objectives, strategies, activities and evaluation standards for professional development in the district and a description of how the district will provide all teachers substantial professional development activities directly related to student learning needs identified in school report cards and other sources.
  • A description of how the professional development provided will align with New York standards and assessments, teacher capacities and student needs, including linguistic, cultural diversity and special needs. Activities must be articulated across grade levels and subject areas and show how they will be provided and measured in a continuous manner.
  • A description of how it will provide teachers and Level III teaching assistants with opportunities to maintain their certificate in good standing by successfully completing 100 hours of professional development every five years.
  • A mentoring program to provide support for new teachers in order to ease the transition from teacher preparation to practice, thereby increasing retention of teachers in the public schools, and to increase the skills of new teachers in order to improve student achievement.
  • Unless granted an exemption by the Commissioner of Education, a description of how the district will provide professional development to teachers and Level III teaching assistants to address the needs of English Language Learners.

The Board shall establish a Professional Development Team to review and revise the district’s Professional Development Plan annually. The Board shall appoint members to the team at the first regular Board meeting in September.

The Professional Development Team shall meet on or before October 1. The Superintendent or his/her designee will serve as the chair of the team and will be responsible for ensuring the timely review and revision of the district’s Professional Development Plan.

The Professional Development Team will submit any recommended revisions to the Professional Development Plan to the Board by May 1. The Board will consider the recommendations at its first regular meeting thereafter. The Board may accept or reject the recommendations of the team in whole or in part. The Board may also request any additional information or data needed to evaluate the success of the program in achieving its objectives.

Any further changes in the plan must be submitted to the Board by June 1. The Board will consider and act on the revised plan by July 31st. The Board reserves the right to make changes to the revised plan.

Other Professional Staff and Support Staff

Holders of professional certificates in educational leadership service (i.e., school building leader, school district leader, school district business leader) are required to complete at least 100 hours of continuing education during every 5 year registration period. Unless the district is granted an exemption by the Commissioner of Education, at least 15 percent of those hours shall address the language acquisition needs of English Language Learners.

The district will provide staff development activities for other professional staff and support staff within the financial constraints of the district budget and in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Other Staff Development Opportunities

The Board recognizes that many staff development opportunities are provided through non-school district sources. Within budgetary restraints, district employees may attend conferences, workshops, study councils, in-service courses, summer study grants, school visitations, and other relevant staff development opportunities.

Released time and reimbursement for such activities will be available upon approval of the Superintendent and in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements. The Superintendent may establish regulations pursuant to this policy to establish the circumstances under which such released time and reimbursement may be available. Staff members who attend such activities will be required to prepare a report or summary of the activity attended.

Cross-ref: 9420, Staff Evaluation
Ref: Education Law §§ 3006-a (required hours); 3604(8) (Superintendent conference days) 8 NYCRR §§ 80-6.3 (required hours); 100.2(o)(2)(iii)(b)(5) (required training on conducting staff evaluations); 100.2(dd) (Professional Development Plans)

Adopted January 23, 2018

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