Clubs and Activities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, clubs and activities will not take place until further notice. Please reach out to the contact below each listing if you have any questions. Thank you!

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Alliance Club

The Alliance is a club for any and all students interested in respect and fairness for all. We will come together to learn about one another and about how to be accepting of all people whether you’re LGBTQ or an ally – all are welcome. It’s a safe place to be accepted for who you are and to help others do the same.
Mrs. Pokal and Ms. Weston


Are you fascinated by the stars and the sky? Do you want to learn more about stars, planets and galaxies? Do you want to learn about constellations and how to find them? Would you like to be part of creating a true scale model of the solar system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Astronomy Club is for you.
Day/time/place TBA
25-30 student enrollments
Mrs. Kelly

Best Bud’s Club

Would you like the opportunity to create a one-to-one friendship with a student with disabilities? Each meeting allows for peer buddies to plan and engages students to play a leadership role in their school.
Mondays once a month during Activity Period,
Room 209
All grade welcome, 25 student enrollments only
Mrs. Ryan

Chamber Strings Club

Chamber Strings is a select music group for violin, viola, cello, and bass students. You will learn more challenging string music in a chamber music ensemble. There will be several performances during the school year and auditions are held in September.
Mondays during Activity Period in Orchestra Room
All grades welcome
Mrs. Dame

Charlotte Book Club

This book club discusses good books, book trailers and swaps books. We also work on projects and go on field trips to promote good books. We will have guest speakers and generally enjoy all things literary!
Mondays during Activity Period in Learning Center
All grades welcome
Ms. Lehman & Mrs. Stedge

Chess Club

Students learn chess strategies, play games and participate in a tournament. A good time is had by all. No cost or restrictions. All skill levels welcome!
Thursdays during Activity Period
Room 201
All grades welcome
Mr. Flynn

Coding Club

Learn to code using Scratch. Club members will learn how to use Scratch to create games.
We meet on Tuesdays in room 454.
Ms. Bryer

Community Service Club

Do you enjoy helping others? Meeting new people? Making new friends? Making a difference in the world? If you answered yes to these questions, then this club is for you! At our meetings, we will discuss ways we think we can make a difference and help out in our community. Students will decide which community service activities they want to participate in, so the list of activities on which the students will work will change each year. One commitment we do have is serving lunch at the St. John’s/St. Anne’s Welcome Kitchen once a month. Other ideas include visiting the Food Pantry, helping out in the Organic Garden, collecting various items for organizations in need, the Wounded Warriors, Ronald McDonald House…the sky’s the limit for opportunities to help! Watch the TV News AM Broadcast for more information about meeting times and dates. Come help us to change the world for the better!
Mrs. Cahill

Crochet Club

How would you like to learn and develop crochet techniques and create projects? You will create service based projects as an opportunity for you to explore avenues of becoming an important part of the community. We would hope that you would use this opportunity to spend time helping in some way. The hours spent in service to your community can be used to fulfill the service requirements for National Junior Honor Society. Keep this log in a safe place and remember to transfer previous years of service into each new school year up to and including your eighth grade year.
Date and Time TBA
All grades welcome
Mrs. Kelly

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Participate in the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons with fellow 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Club attendees learn to play Dungeons and Dragons while using your own character through the story.
The D&D club meets weekly.
Ms. O’Mahony

FACS Cares Club

FACS Cares Club is a club designed to use skills learned in FACS class to create items that benefit the community. Students make items such as pillowcases, stuffed animals and drawstring bags filled with toiletries which are donated to various area organizations such as hospitals and homeless shelters. Participation in this club provides students with community service hours which can be used for National Junior Honor Society or other such organizations. Club is open to 7th and 8th graders for the fall project and 6th and 7th graders for the spring project. Meeting dates will be announced on TV news and students will have a choice for sign-up dates.

Future City

This is an academic team competition for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students that is based on solving problems using science and engineering. Although each student may not be expected to perform all of the following activities, the team will prepare for the competition by:

  • Creating a computer simulated city of the future.
  • Researching an engineering problem and proposing a solution.
  • Writing an essay describing a vision of a city of the future.
  • Creating a model of a futuristic city, complete with infrastructure, using mostly recycled parts.
  • Presenting a skit to describe the city.

Preparation for the competition begins in September. Students are expected to perform much of the work on their own in the beginning. The computer simulation and much of the research is completed individually and reported to the team during meetings. Part of the team will use the research and ideas generated to write an essay describing the city and the team’s solution to the problem assigned. From November to January, the team will design and build their city of the future based in part on the computer simulation. Future city is a big commitment for students as they will work after school (until 5:30 pm) many evenings. They will also be asked to give up several Saturdays and at least one day during the winter break. Students will learn to work as part of a team and will be expected to perform tasks assigned in a timely manner.

Gamers’ Club

In this club, we celebrate our love of video games. Students can play games, bring their own to play, and get to know others with similar interests. This club is supportive and inclusive of all. We work on acceptance, understanding, and social skills through our collective love of all things gaming.
Mr. Wolf

GAPS (Guilderland Animal Protection Society)

Closing the “gaps” between animals and people. Come join the fun and learn all about wildlife and domestic animals. Guest speakers, fund-raisers and group activities for all animal lovers!
Tuesdays  during Activity Period
Room 306
Ms. Ford, Mrs. Margosian & Mrs. Spring

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Intramural Sports

Soccer, lacrosse, softball, basketball, volleyball, cross country, running, gymnastics, wrestling, floor hockey, adventure activities and track and field are offered to FMS students.
Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays during Activity period
All grades welcome
Physical Education staff

Jazz Ensemble

Open to saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass guitar and drum set students. This group will perform difficult jazz music meant for more advanced musicians. Students will be selected for this group by audition in September. See your band director to sign up for the audition.
Mondays during Activity Period
Room 511
All grades welcome
Mr. Utter

Lego Club

The Lego club is a friendly, collaborative space for students to meet up and BUILD, whether they prefer building with a focus or to free-build whatever comes to mind. A large tub of Legos is provided (thanks to the Learning Center), but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own. Come for the Legos, stay for the friends.
Meetings: Mon/Thurs during AP.

Locker Clean Out Team

The locker cleanout team meets several times throughout the school year to prepare for the two yearly locker cleanouts at FMS one in February and one at the end of the school year in June. At meetings, students train to help their classmates understand how to properly clean out their lockers using the bins provided, paying attention to the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing items in lockers. Students also work on ways to educate the student body throughout the school year on the importance of cleaning out lockers regularly and keeping them organized. Students who attend club meetings and help facilitate locker cleanouts receive community service credit for their participation.
Mrs. Malanga and Mrs. Panetta


FMS MASK is a drama club which produces a full length musical in March. Any students in grades 6, 7 or 8 are invited to audition. Tryouts start in October and rehearsals will run from November-March after school and some will go into the evenings. Students will have the opportunity to sing, dance and act.
Activity Period & evenings
Day and location TBA
Mrs. Mewhorter/Musical Director
Mrs. O’Mahony/Producer

MASK Tech and Stage Crew

The MASK Tech and Stage Crew partakes in the annual Musical at FMS. This Crew meets regularly beginning in November and runs till March to prepare the lights, sound and stage needs of the Musical. Under advisement of an adult director and two High School Student Directors, the Crew learns different aspects of what makes a play possible. 6th, 7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to operate lighting equipment, audio equipment and how to manage/move props on and off the stage. MASK Tech and Stage Crew is limited to 15-18 students that will be selected after an application process for the positions on the Crew.
Mrs. O’Mahony/Mrs. Nichols

Math Counts

Sharpen your math competition skills by participating in coaching sessions to prepare you for the Math Counts Competition. Students who have attended coaching are given the opportunity to try out for the teams that represent FMS at the Regional Math Counts Competition at the G.E. in February. The winning teams from Regional go on to the State Competition in March. Once the competition team members and alternates have been selected, they will be asked to participate in 3:30-5:30 coaching sessions during January, February (and March if the team is going to State finals) to prepare for competition.
Tuesdays during Activity Period
Location TBA
Grades 7 and 8
Mrs. Girard

National Junior Honor Society

At the end of the 1st marking period of 8th grade, all students achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 90% (without rounding) through nine quarters (6th, 7th and the 1st quarter of 8th grade) will be considered academically eligible for NJHS. These students will receive notification via the mail at the end of December/beginning of January. Those students receiving notification will then need to demonstrate service, leadership and citizenship.  For forms and more information, please visit the NJHS’s site. 

Organic Garden Club

Do you like to get your hands dirty? If so the Organic Garden club is for you, Organic gardening is a philosophy of gardening that supports the health of the whole system. The FMS Organic Garden club goal is to plan and help maintain the school’s organic garden. Students also start seeds in the greenhouse in late winter early spring to plant in the garden. In addition the this club learns about organic gardening which includes growing plants without the use of artificial chemicals. By maintaining an organic garden, we help to create a secure environment for all members of the food web. Food grown in the garden by our students is donated to local food pantries as part of the service learning initiative at Farnsworth Middle School. This club meets September through June at least once a week during harvesting and planting seasons.
Ms. Malanga

Origami Club

Are you interested in the ancient and beautiful art of origami? If yes, consider joining this club. From the simplest to the most complex designs, you will find a way to release your inner artist and make something beautiful!
Meeting day to be determined
Mrs. Huestis

Outdoor Club

If you like being outside, consider joining the Guilderland Outdoor Club! We are all about spending time enjoying the great outdoors! Some of the activities we have planned are: going for walks on the trails around the school to observe nature, learning more about plants and wildlife, planning a field trip to a nature center, and doing some activities to help the environment – especially around Earth Day.
Day/time TBA
All grades welcome
Room 405
Ms. Ford

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Peer Mentoring Club

Do you want to make a difference in the life of another FMS student? This club gives motivated students a chance to assist peers during access and activity periods. In addition to a leadership opportunity, mentors earn service hour credits for National Junior Honor Society. Be on the look out for more information in early October!
Day/time TBA
All grades welcome
Rooms 159 & 254
Mr. Rausch and Dr. Douglas

Pokemon Club

Do you love Pokemon? This club is a great opportunity to meet other players to share ideas and strategies. Join us to play in tournaments, participate in trivia, trade cards, and much more. Bring your trading cards, games, or anything else you would like to share.
Day/time/location TBA
All grades welcome
Mrs. Huestis and Mrs. Ryan

Select Band

The Select Band is open to all students who play a band instrument. This band performs difficult music meant for more advanced musicians. Students will be selected for this group by audition in September. See your band director to sign up for an audition.
Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Band Room 511
All grades welcome
Mrs. Ziomek

Select Choir

Select Choir is an auditioned group of unchanged voices that is open to students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. They must be a member and be in good standing with their grade level chorus in order to audition. Auditions are held in the fall. If accepted into this club, students must be able to commit to weekly Friday morning rehearsals from 7:45-8:30 a.m. starting in October.
Fridays at 7:45 a.m.
Room 517
All grades welcome
Mrs. Mewhorter

Sign Language Club

Sign Language Club will use games, videos and activities to learn sign language. Come have fun learning sign and having the opportunity to interact with some of the deaf/hard of hearing students at FMS. We will meet twice a month October through May in room 562 during activity period.
Ms. Vooris

Ski and Snowboard Club

We are “OPTIMISTIC” that we will be able to have FMS ski club this coming school year  2021-22.  

We are waiting for state and district guidance before we can move ahead.  The district has chosen to continue the cut to club funding so the price will be higher this year than in the past.  We anticipate the price being around $500 for the season (7 trips).  Please keep in mind that this information will be updated as soon as we have current transportation and Jiminy Peak costs for the upcoming season.   

FMS Ski and Snowboard Club is for new skiers and boarders and for skiers who want to improve their skiing/snowboarding ability. Our trips for the 2021-22 ski season are to Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort and occur on Thursday evenings.  We start the first Thursday after the holiday break.

All participants will take ski or snowboard lessons, as part of a package offered by Jiminy Peak. No prior experience is necessary and all FMS students are welcome to apply. Transportation, lift tickets and lessons are included in the cost. 

If we have the club this coming year, we have limited seats available and admission will be based on a lottery. To ensure students from all three grade levels get selected, a lottery will occur for each grade level. Parents who wish to sign up more than one child will need to fill out two different lottery applications. We will ensure that both children are linked together during the process. 

We plan to open the lottery process in September in positive anticipation that we will be allowed to have a club this year.   Please keep in mind this is not a guarantee that we will in fact have the club this year or that your child will be chosen in the lottery.  FMS has a large number of students. 

All grades welcome.

Mr. Ball and Mr. Curro

Stage Band

This jazz/rock group invites all band students to participate. No audition is required. Rhythm section students who play guitar, electric bass and piano are welcome as well.
Wednesdays at 7:45 a.m.
Band room/Round Building
All grades welcome
Dr. Hershenhart

Student Council

Representatives and alternates are elected by their social studies classmates. Officers are elected in school-wide elections. Students must make a commitment to attend meetings and dedicate additional time to successfully organize and participate on activities.
Meetings are held once a month for members.
Place/day/time TBA
Mrs. Crisafulli & Mrs. Mullins

Student Interfaith Justice League

Do you enjoy community service? Do you think it’s wrong to discriminate? Would you like to do something about it? Come to the Student Interfaith Justice League! We bring people of all races, religions, genders, ethnicities, and cultures together to do good in our community. You’ll get to meet leaders who do great things in our community, do fun projects, and go on community service trips! Join us and be a superhero of unity at FMS!
Ms. Fanning

Talent Show Club

Each year, FMS students have the opportunity to audition for and perform in the annual FMS Student Talent Show. Talents of all kinds are welcome and students may perform as individuals or groups.
Ms. Matthews & Ms. Ziomek

TV News Club

This club provides students with the opportunity to learn how to operate a television studio. The club meets during homeroom for the live broadcast and during access and activity period for training sessions. Club members produce the school’s morning announcements and can become involved in various other video productions. TV Studio/daily/various times.
Chris Cook

Club Ultimate

Club Ultimate is a social club; a place where students with similar interests can get together to play games, share ideas, draw, craft and read. Club Ultimate meets Tuesday afternoons during Activity Period in the Reading Place.
Lori McCutcheon

Vocal Thunder

Vocal Thunder is a vocal club-group open to sixth, seventh and eighth grade guys. The group meets once a week (currently Wednesday’s) and rehearses classic and current Rock and Pop music as well as a variety of a cappella styles. Vocal percussion and electric instruments are also used in the group. Vocal Thunder perform at concerts in school and out in the community. It is not a requirement that new members be part of the school chorus but will be asked to do a short audition. Please see Mrs. Casellini in Room #509 for information if you would like to be part of this exciting group.
Mrs. Casellini

Yearbook Club

Students work from September through the end of April preparing the layout of photos for the yearbook. Students need to be available to attend work sessions one day a week (to be announced). They will also be responsible for selling yearbooks in November and distributing the yearbooks in June.
Activity Period, Day TBA
Room 402
Mr. Ball & Mr. Tuxbury

Washington Studies Club

Washington Studies Club is for current 8th grade students who love history! This club culminates in a 3-day trip to Washington D.C. in the spring. Over the course of the year, we meet to discuss and research some of the stops on our tour.
Ms. Fanning & Ms. Sittig

Zentangle Club

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Instruction is offered throughout the year in the library’s Makerspace, and the Zentangle Club is a weekly meeting for those students who want to practice, experiment, learn new patterns, and talk Zentangle. The club is run by Ms. Lehman, a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Please watch the AM TV News broadcast during Home Room to hear about the date of upcoming meetings.
Ms. Lehman

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