GCSD 2020-21 Reopening Plan: Special Education

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Provision of Services

The school reopening plan considers in-person services a priority for high-needs students and preschool students with disabilities whenever possible.

  • Students in grades K-6 will receive special education services as outlined on their individualized education plans (IEPs) via daily in-person instruction.
  • Students in grades 7-12 will follow the same hybrid model as their general education peers, supported by the special education faculty case manager. 
  • Related services may be provided in person or remotely.
  • All K-12 students who attend the district’s self-contained special education programs will receive daily in-person instruction.
  • Students who are medically fragile may not be able to maintain social distancing, hand or respiratory hygiene, or wear a face covering or mask. It is important for parents/ guardians to work with their child’s healthcare providers so that an informed decision can be made on how best to meet the child’s needs at school while protecting their health and safety. Alternate plans may be created in consultation with school health personnel on how to meet the needs of the child.
  • If the parents/guardians choose not to send their child back to school, schools will collaborate with families to provide instruction remotely.

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Communication with Families

In addition to the communication efforts schools make for all students, parents of students with disabilities have a legal right to be informed regarding the identification, evaluation, educational placement, and the provision of FAPE to their child. Whether special education programs and services are provided in-person, remotely, or through a hybrid model, effective communication between school personnel and parents will include the following:

  • Working collaboratively and creatively to help ensure there is an understanding of the school’s efforts to provide services consistent with the recommendations on the IEP and monitor student progress.
  • Communicating with parents in their preferred language or mode of communication and documenting outreach efforts.
  • All CSE/CPSE meetings will be held remotely during the 2020-21 school year.

Until schools return to normal operating conditions, the same flexibility with respect to IEP implementation for delivery of services during school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to apply to the programs and services whether delivered in-person and/or remotely (e.g., flexibility with respect to the mode and/or manner; group or individual sessions; specific group size for related services, frequency, duration and location of related services, and special class size ratio, etc.). All providers will work collaboratively with their content area partners to ensure that communication and educational materials are accessible, adapted, modified and appropriate in accordance with student’s IEPs. Teachers and service providers will collect data, whether in-person or remotely, and use these data to monitor each student’s progress toward the annual goals and to evaluate the effectiveness of the student’s special education services. Reports of progress to parents may be made via telephone or other electronic means if progress reporting procedures specified in the student’s IEP cannot be met with reasonable efforts.

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Access to Accommodations, Modifications, Supplementary Aids and Services

Whether in person or remote, delivery of special education services will be achieved by using a variety of resources provided by our teachers and providers through collaboration to ensure educational materials are accessible, adapted, modified and appropriate in accordance with student’s IEPs or Section 504 Plans. Lessons, tasks and activities will relate to the student’s IEP goals and objectives and may include pre-recorded lessons, synchronous teaching (recorded for those who cannot attend) and teacher-designed learning activities.

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