GES supply lists for 2024-25

School supply lists, by grade, for the 2024-25 school year at

Guilderland Elementary School can be found below.



  • Listed are the common supplies need for each grade level.
  • With the August placement letter, parents will receive this list and information about any additional items that your child’s teacher may request.
  • Please note that this is only the basic list of supplies.

    Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5

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    Kindergarten Supply List

    1 – large backpack (no wheels please)
    4 – pkg. fat Crayola markers
    1 – pkg. 24 Crayola crayons
    2- pkg. Ticonderoga Pencils
    2 – two pocket folders, 1 red folder for art
    1- Binder with clearview ck
    12 – glue sticks
    1 – small snack each day
    1- adult sized T-shirt to be used as a smock
    1- Water bottle
    1- box of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 container of
    antibacterial wipes
    -Change of clothes in gallon sized ziplock

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        Grade 1 Supply List

        20- sharpened #2 Ticonderoga yellow pencils
        4- two-pocket folders (red, yellow, green and blue )
        1- two-pocket folder (your choice),
        1 orange folder for art
        1- box of 24 count Crayola Crayons
        1- box of Crayola washable broad tip markers
        4- Elmers glue sticks
        1 marble composition notebooks (80 pages, NOT college ruled)
        Sneakers that can be independently fastened (Velcro or ties) for
        P.E and playground use
        1- box tissues in September (additional box collected mid-year)
        1- art smock (oversized t-shirt works the best)
        – ear covering headphones removed from package and placed
        in a labeled bag (3.5mm plug)

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              Grade 2 Supply List

              10 pencils (#2)
              1 – box of crayons or colored pencils
              1 – box of markers
              4 glue sticks
              1 pair of kids scissors
              1 – yellow pocket folder for art
              2- two pocket folders
              1 – composition notebooks (80 pages or more, NOT college
              1- pack of post-its (3×3 inches)
              1- box of tissues
              Pencil box or pouch
              1 Art Smock ( A large old t-shirt works great)

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              Grade 3 Supply List

              1 – set of headphones or earbuds in a labeled baggie (to use with
              4 – bottom pocket folders with prongs (red, blue, yellow, purple)
              1- take home folder of your choice-plastic or heavy-duty
              3 – marble composition notebooks-wide ruled
              2- dozen sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
              4 – pkgs. 3”x3” post-it-notes (not super-sticky kind)
              1-package of sharpened colored pencils
              1- large glue sticks
              1 – pencil case (recommended size 8”x5”x2”)
              1 – smock for art class (an old t-shirt)
              1 – a green folder for Art
              2 – box of tissues
              1– A box of gallon ziplock bags OR a roll of paper towels
              Sneakers for phys. ed.

              ● Please look for an email regarding the purchase of a
              recorder for music class for third graders only

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                  Grade 4 Supply List

                  1 – pair headphones in plastic bag w/name on it
                  4 – dozen pencils – Ticonderoga preferred, sharpened if possible
                  5 – marble composition notebooks
                  1 – 1⁄2 inch Binder with Clear Cover
                  1 – 3-hole punched Sturdy Poly Plastic Pocket Folder that fits
                  inside binder (to act as a take-home folder)
                  2 – large glue sticks
                  2 – box of tissues to share with the class
                  6 – solid colored 2-pocket folders ( red, blue, green, yellow,
                  orange and purple)
                  8 – pkgs. post-it-notes (preferably with lines and NOT the ones
                  labeled super sticky)
                  1-pkg. broad line (wider tip) marker for coloring/projects
                  1 – pkg. FINE (Skinny) dry erase markers
                  1- Smock (old large t- shirt is great, marked with name, for Art
                  1-blue folder for art, plus 1 additional blue folder

                  **Please see individual teacher’s welcome letter for any additional supplies needed**

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                    Grade 5 Supply List

                    2 – dozen pencils-Ticonderoga preferred
                    1 – Headphones or earbuds in zip lock bag labeled with name
                    6 – pkg. post-it notes
                    2 – boxes of tissues
                    1 – box fat washable markers
                    1 – set expo dry erase markers
                    1 – set of colored pencils
                    5 – bottom pocket folders (1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red, and 1
                    purple (for art)
                    1- additional folder of their choice for take home folder
                    3 – composition notebooks
                    1 – pencil case (big enough to fit your colored pencils)
                    1- pair of scissors
                    2- packs of glue sticks
                    1- roll of paper towels

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                    All third grade students need to have a recorder for music class. Recorders should be purchased online at  When you check out be sure to select “Free School Deliver” and select your district, school and list your student’s first and last name. Your recorder will be shipped to your music teacher at GES at no cost. Please be sure to purchase the Lauren Translucent Recorder. You are also welcome to order your recorder from other sites, as long as you order a soprano recorder. Anyone with financial needs should contact Rachel Logee via email. 

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