GHS: An Insider’s Guide

Welcome to an Insider’s Guide to GHS!

School & Home Communication

  • How can you receive news from the school?
  • How will administrators, counselors, and teachers communicate with you?
    • Phone calls, emails, mailings, eSchool gradebook
  • How should families & students communicate with their teachers?
    • Email is best to start as it’s easier to check! Please be patient and give a teacher 24 hours to respond to you.

Helping Students Succeed


  • How can I help my child stay organized and keep to due dates? How will my child receive feedback on assignments?
    • Google Classroom, physical papers, emails, conferences, after school
    • Agenda book! Or place to write to do list/homework
  • How and when should a parent or student contact the teacher?
    • Any time there is a question or concern! Email or after school
  • How can my child ask questions or seek clarification or guidance from their teacher?
    • In class, after school, google classroom, email


  • How can my student get involved?
    • (twitter), read signs in the hallway, virtual club show, ask tour leaders for suggestions, ask teammates, ask teachers, listen to announcements in the morning, attend events!
  • How can I help my child balance school work, extra curriculars, and social time?
    • Use study hall time to complete work!
    • Stay after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (2:30-3:10) to work with teachers, attend club meetings, study in the library


The Schedule


1                                                  7:30-8:54

Homeroom                               9:02-9:17

2                                                 9:25-10:49

3                                                10:57*-12:56*

                                       Lunch Mod #1: 10:57-11:32*
                                      Lunch Mod #2: 11:25-12:00*
                                      Lunch Mod #3: 11:53-12:28*
                                      Lunch Mod #4: 12:21-12:56
                      *This includes student travel/return time.

4                                                1:04-2:28

Activity Period                        2:28-3:10

Nuts & Bolts

Chromebooks and Schedules

  • Chromebooks – NEW Students can get their chromebooks on September 1st and thereafter. 9th grade distribution will be taking place in homerooms (for new students. Please make sure you have completed this permission form
  • Goal is to release schedules late Friday afternoon (8/26)

In-Person Events for All New Students (Grades 9-12)

Guilderland HS Welcome Week for New Students!

August 24th                                Open House Tours: We will have HS student leaders available to give ANY student a private tour! Leaders 
10:00 am – 12:00 pm               and faculty will be available to answer questions. (We hope schedules will be OR available by these dates
                                                      so students can walk with their schedules. But the schedule creation is very nuanced and may not August
                                                      25th be finished. Students can still familiarize themselves with the 3:00-5:00 pm building layout.)

September 1                               Orientation: ALL NEW students (incoming freshmen, 10-12 new students) are welcome to come, walk
8:00 am – 11:00 am                 their schedule and meet their teachers! Details will be sent via email and posted on the district website!
                                                      There will be an assembly for incoming freshmen and a program for new 10-12th grade students.

Schedule for September 1st – 9th Grade Orientation and New Student Orientation

8:05 am                                        Students arrival, Formation of Human Tunnel with teachers and leaders-Transportation will be provided
                                                       please be out at bus stop ONE HOUR after the normal time listed in eschool

8:20 am                                        Assembly: Welcome to GHS, Overview Goals for the day, Positive Messages – New student Chromebook

8:50 am                                        Dismissal to homeroom

8:57 – 9:04 am                            Homeroom

9:11 – 9:16 am                            1A

9:23 – 9:30 am                            2A

9:37 – 9:44  am                           3A

9:51 – 9:58 am                            4A

10:05 – 10:12 am                       1B

10:19 – 10:26 am                       2B

10:33 – 10:40 am                       3B

10:47 – 10:54 am                       4B

Depart to buses immediately after block 4.
*If you have science on both A and B days, please go to PE during your B day science block.
*If you are assigned to Music Study Hall, report to your assigned Music class
*If you are assigned to Health/Music, report to Health


Contact: Ann-Marie Holmes or Shannon Clegg

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