Playground Safety at Guilderland elementary schools

General Playground Safety Rules

  1. Have fun!
  2. Listen and follow adult directions.
  3. Stay inside playground borders and away from off-limit areas.
  4. Play games only where the teacher allows you to.
  5. Follow play equipment and game rules.
  6. Do not bring toys, pens or pencils onto playground.
  7. Avoid wearing loose jewelry or clothing that has drawstrings.
  8. No flip flops on the playground.  Wear your P.E. sneakers.
  9. Do not pick up or throw dirt, sticks, stones, wood chips or rubber chips.
  10. Do not climb on fences or trees. Do not climb over or outside of railings or on top of tubes or towers.
  11. Respect other people’s space.
  12. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  13. Be courteous and a be good sport.

Playground Equipment Rules:

  • Climbing Equipment: Use for one student at a time. Do not sit on top of or hang by the legs from climbing equipment. 
  • Slides: Only go down, one student at a time, feet first.
  • Slide poles: Only go down one student at a time and make sure no one is below.
  • Swings: No twisting, jumping from, running under or standing on swings. Hold onto chains with both hands.  When exiting, walk out and around the swings.  Avoid the front and back of other students that are swinging.
  • Tire Swing:  Hang onto chains with both hands. Do not exit until the swing comes to a complete stop. Avoid touching the connecting point at the top of the chains as it might pinch your fingers. 
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