Inservice Credit

Apply for inservice credit by attending a course or workshop.

Pre-approved courses/workshops

All non-district sponsored courses must be approved prior to crediting. For information on upcoming courses and workshops, visit My Learning Plan.

If not a course or workshop, then what?

There are other ways to develop professionally, besides attending a district (or out-of-district) workshop or course. Here are some options to consider:

  • Conduct action research projects
  • Develop material displays, bulletin boards
  • Analyze teaching cases
  • Attend awareness-level seminars
  • Join a cadre of in-house trainers
  • Plan lessons with a teaching colleague
  • Consult an expert
  • Make a field trip
  • Form study or support groups
  • Give presentations at conferences
  • Shadow another person or professional in the field
  • Research on the Internet
  • Lead a school wide committee project
  • Coach a colleague
  • Be a mentor
  • Be mentored
  • Observe model lessons
  • Observe other teachers teach
  • Be observed and receive feedback from a trainer or principal
  • Be coached by a peer
  • Join a cadre of in-house trainers
  • Join a professional network
  • Read journals, educational magazines, books
  • Write an article about your work
  • Form study or support groups
  • Give presentations at conferences
  • Participate in a study group
  • Keep a reflection log or journal
  • Enroll in a university course
  • View educational videos
  • Listen to video/audio recordings
  • Do a self-assessment
  • Participate in a video conference or conference calls with experts
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