National Junior Honor Society information

At the end of the 1st marking period of 8th grade, all students achieving a grade point average (GPA) of 90% (without rounding) through nine quarters (6th, 7th and the 1st quarter of 8th grade) will be considered academically eligible for National Junior Honor Society (NJHS).

These students will receive a mailed letter of notification at the end of December/beginning of January. Students receiving notification will then need to demonstrate service, leadership and citizenship using the Student Information Form. The application will be available in paper form in house offices as well as online (here). Examples of qualifying service can be found online for those who may be looking for more information about the service portion of the information form.

Completed Student Information Forms will be due February 7, 2020.  The NJHS Faculty Council will then review each submission and candidates will be notified via mailed letter of their selection status during the month of March. This year’s Induction Ceremony will be held on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Additional information: Student Information Form – Evaluation Rubric

NJHS Exemplars

Character. Service. Leadership.  Visit this page for exemplar responses.

Community Service Resource List

The following lists are to serve as guidelines for what will and what will not count as examples of service.  In general, qualifying service hours are those activities for which no fee is paid or gift is given in return.  Please note that this list is not all inclusive.

Qualifying Examples

  • Albany International of H & A Children’s Program
  • Peer mentoring
  • Boy Scout, Girl Scout or 4H social service events
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Childcare: church/synagogue, school, not-for-profit agency
  • Yard work with a service group
  • Church music groups (performance NOT during Church service)
  • Food Drives
  • Clerical/Secretarial backup
  • Butterfly House
  • Coach
  • Organic Garden
  • Cultural Fair
  • PTA Functions
  • Environmental Improvement Projects
  • Ushering at plays/musicals
  • Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen
  • Working with people with special needs
  • Fundraisers (non-profit): public radio/TV, overnight lockdowns
  • Best Buds
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Open House Tour Guide
  • Holiday shopping & gift wrapping for charity
  • Tutoring (not for pay)
  • Office work at not-for-profit organizations
  • Leadership at a religious retreat
  • Recording songs/books on tape for the blind
  • Teaching: Church school, classroom aide
  • Religious youth groups volunteer work
  • Town band (performance hours only)
  • Volunteering at: nursing home, library, hospital, firehouse, Red Cross
  • Church/Synagogue group activities outside of worship service (i.e. food drives, soup kitchens, helping shut-ins)

Non-Qualifying Examples

  • Any activity for which you are paid
  • School prom or ball
  • Babysitting at home or for a neighbor
  • Odd jobs at home
  • Camp counselor
  • CIT (Counselor in Training)
  • Choir membership
  • Scorekeepers
  • Class associated activities
  • Altar server
  • Sports
  • Helping immediate family members
  • Empire Youth Orchestra
  • Office work (parent or privately owned business)
  • Preaching door to door
  • Participation in religious services
  • Club fundraisers, including Booster Clubs and Sports Teams*
    *(unless money is donated to non-for-profit organizations)
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