Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Controlled Substances

  1. Smoking
    1. Possession of, or use of tobacco, will not be permitted. This includes smoking items, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco and snuff.
  2. Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Controlled Substances
    1. Possession of or use of the above are not permitted. It should be noted that the use of wine in traditional religious celebrations is not in violation of the code of conduct.
  3. Constructive Possession
    1. Student athletes who are found to have been voluntarily associating with others who are illegally using, possessing or distributing drugs, drug paraphernalia or alcohol, and who do not attempt to remove themselves in a reasonable amount of time (constructive possession) are in violation of the code of conduct. This regulation applies to circumstances that take place on or off school grounds and does not apply to circumstances where the student athlete is present at places where alcohol is being legally consumed. The consequence for the first violation of constructive possession shall be suspension from one competition.
  4. Hosting of Drinking/Drug Parties
    1. Student athletes hosting a party that provides alcohol, drugs, marijuana or other controlled substances will be suspended from participation in athletics for one calendar year from the date of the party.
  5. Offenses Resulting in Arrest or the Filing of Formal Charges in Court
    1. In the case of the arrest for a criminal offense or filing of charges for a criminal offense, the athlete shall be removed from the team until the matter is effectively reviewed. Charges include, but are not limited to: Sexual assault, being convicted of a felony, hazing, and possession of a weapon. If the District has adequate and competent evidence that the student participated in the offense for which he or she is charged, it shall be considered as a 1st offense at a minimum. A penalty shall be immediately imposed pursuant to the Athletic Code of Conduct regulation prior to completion of the criminal proceeding. The District reserves the right to prefer stricter disciplinary consequences, including suspension in future seasons upon the completion of the criminal proceeding. It should be noted, that the facts of an incident may warrant immediate removal from the team if the Director of Athletics and the building principal believe that the offense committed by the student athlete warrants such action.
  6. Penalties: Guilderland Student Code of Conduct Violations
    1. Any violations of the Guilderland Student Code of Conduct resulting in internal or an out-of-school suspension will result in progressive levels of discipline under this code.
      1. First Offense – Beginning on the date of the offense the athlete will be suspended from the team for a minimum of 1/5 of the team’s contests that season. A conference involving the coach, the athletic director and the athlete will be held to inform the athlete of his penalty and role on the team during the suspension. During the suspension the athlete will be referred to appropriate school personnel for counseling.
      2. Second Offense – A second offense will result in immediate suspension for the remainder of the season.
      3. Sale of illegal drugs, marijuana and other controlled substances will result in an athlete being suspended for one calendar year from the date of the sale.
      4. School Policies – Student athletes are treated as any other student when school policies are violated and will receive the appropriate school penalty. If the violation is also an athletic code violation the student, in addition, will receive the consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct.
  7. Due Process
    1. Prior to imposition of any penalty under the Code, the building principal and the Director of Athletics will notify the student athlete of the nature of the infraction and the student will be given an opportunity to explain his or her side of the story.
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