Conduct of an Athlete

The conduct of an athlete is closely observed in many areas of life; on the field, in the classroom and in the community. Take pride in yourself, your team and your school. You should always project a positive image. Winning or losing is not as important as your reaction to winning or losing. Your reaction is what people will remember–not the score. You should be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.

On the field: In the area of athletic competition, a real athlete does not use profanity or illegal tactics, and learns fast that losing is a part of the game and that you should be gracious in defeat and modest in victory. It is always courteous to congratulate the opponent on a well played game after the contest, whether in defeat or victory.

The school is interested in each athlete as an individual, and the coaches will do all they can to help each achieve the highest level he or she is capable of achieving. However, each student-athlete must accept the responsibility that goes with being a member of a team. Our teams represent the Guilderland community. The following rules of conduct have been developed for all our modified, freshman, junior varsity, and varsity team members. The school realizes that in order for these rules to be adhered to, the athletes must believe in them and discipline themselves to abide by them, sometimes sacrificing personal pleasure for a team to which they have committed themselves. Parents are requested to do all they can to support the Code of Conduct and help their son or daughter to live up to this code.


Athletics, generally speaking, have a positive effect on the athlete’s performance in the classroom and feelings toward school.

It is the responsibility of the parents to determine whether their athlete will continue participation if marks are below what they feel to be acceptable, consulting with their athlete’s guidance counselor or coach if they have questions about grade and athletic competition.

Students are responsible to make arrangements to receive regularly scheduled help in any subject in which they are failing.

Other Conduct Policies of an Athlete

Team Standards

In addition to the regular school policies that are in effect at all times, athletes must meet a number of team standards.

Self Reporting

Any code violation that is self or family reported to any Guilderland Athletics staff member, PRIOR to staff awareness of the violation, will result in a 50% reduction of the normal suspension penalty. This will only be honored one time during the student athlete’s career.

Implementation of Code

The intent of the code is for student/athletes to follow the guidelines throughout the year. The formal code is in effect for each sports season and must be signed by all athletes as soon as the final squad is selected.

Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Controlled Substances

The district has strict rules in regards to being in possession of controlled substances or  the use of drugs.  View the district standards on the use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other controlled substances

Appeal Procedure

The student and/or parent/guardian have the right to appeal penalties imposed under the code to the building principal and Director of Athletics. Appeals must be made in writing within three school days of assignment of a penalty for a code violation. A response to the appeal will be provided within three school days after receipt of the letter by the building principal and the Director of Athletics.

Dropping from the Team

Quitting is an unacceptable habit and one that is counterproductive to the traits interscholastic athletics instill. On occasion, however, a student athlete may find it necessary to drop a sport for a good reason.  No student

may quit one sport and then participate in another once the teams have been selected. If he/she has been cut from one team, it is legitimate to try-out for another. All legitimate requests for changing sports must be made through the Director of Athletics.

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