Course recommendations are posted in eSchoolData

High School Parents and Students,

Course recommendations can now be viewed in the parent/student portal. In the event that there is a mismatch between the course recommended by the teacher and the student’s request, students should have a conversation with their teacher.  The conversation should focus on why the recommendation was made and what changes in student academic performance and/or conduct must be observed in order to change the original recommendation.  This process must be followed in order for any changes in a course request to occur. Participation in this process does not guarantee placement in the course. Accordingly, a decision will be made at the beginning of April as it relates to potentially changing the original recommendation. A student checklist is attached to help illustrate the process.  Please contact your student’s counselor if you have any questions. 

Requesting a change of a teacher recommended course:

Step 1: Talk to your teacher

You need to talk to your teacher about the course you are requesting. Your teacher will discuss with you the reasons for their recommendation and will give you a list of the skills/actions you will need to demonstrate in order to earn their course recommendation. These items are based on the criteria for the course.

Step 2: Amount of time you will be given

You have until March 31 to demonstrate the skills necessary to earn the recommendation.

Step 3: Notification

You will be notified about the result in the beginning of April.

Key Information

  • You must participate in this process if you would like to be considered for a course you were not recommended.
  • Participation in the process does not guarantee entrance into the course you are seeking. It must be earned through your demonstration of the skills, knowledge, and effort required for the desired course.
  • Scheduling the conversation with your teacher is your responsibility and must be done as soon as possible so that a sufficient amount of time for evaluation is provided.
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