GCSD social and emotional resources during school closure

During the time that the GCSD schools are closed, students who typically receive mental health services in school may be limited in their access to the professionals who provide these services. Therefore, district mental health staff would like to make families aware of the following support and programs, as well as community-based mental health resources.

We have created a collection of resources including, contact information for district mental health service workers, general resources for parents, and programs for students of all ages. Visit the social and emotional learning resources page.

Please be mindful that children and teens will take their lead from you on how worried they should be. Modeling calm and good practices can go a long way in ensuring children feel safe. For younger children who may not be able to critically analyze the information presented, it is important to monitor how much they are overhearing (including news reports). Maintaining an open dialogue on things going on in the world and in their life is a good practice for all ages. Periodic “check-ins” with your children on how they are feeling and coping is important- don’t assume they will always know how to come to you to discuss concerns or fears.

GCSD counselors and social workers available throughout the school closure

Our counselors and social workers are available throughout the closure. You may reach them at the following email addresses:

Altamont Elementary School

Deirdre Harwick: harwickd@guilderlandschools.net
Jennifer Rickert: rickertj@guilderlandschools.net

Guilderland Elementary School

Jennifer Riley: rileyjen@guilderlandschools.net
Kirsten Eidle-Barkman: eidle-barkmank@guilderlandschools.net

Lynnwood Elementary School

Catherine Ricchetti: ricchettic@guilderlandschools.net 
Shelby Samuel: samuels@guilderlandschools.net

Pine Bush Elementary School

Tara Evangelista: evangelistat@guilderlandschools.net
Melissa Coyle: coylem@guilderlandschools.net

Westmere Elementary School

Alyssa Hansen: hansena@guilderlandschools.net
Sarah Bolognino: bologninos@guilderlandschools.net

Farnsworth Middle School

Farnsworth Middle School Counseling Center

    • Anna Bartlett: bartletta@guilderlandschools.net

    • Danielle Heigel: heigeld@guilderlandschools.net

    • Maureen Pokal: pokalm@guilderlandschools.net

    • Kathleen Dougherty: doughertyk@guilderlandschools.net

    • Mark Lane: lanem@guilderlandschools.net

    • Chelsea Weston: westonc@guilderlandschools.net

    • Michael Ellerbrock: ellerbrockm@guilderlandschools.net

Guilderland High School

Guilderland High School Counseling Center

    • Lynne Baumgartner: baumgartnerl@guilderlandschools.net

    • Tom Dvorscak: dvorscakt@guilderlandschools.net

    • Candace Galarneau: galarneauc@guilderlandschools.net

    • Ashley Kaplan: kaplana@guilderlandschools.net

    • Amy Knapp: knappa@guilderlandschools.net

    • Karen Murphy: murphyk@guilderlandschools.net

    • Rene Sheehan: sheehanr@guilderlandschools.net

    • Heidi Cutler: cutlerh@guilderlandschools.net

    • Gwen Buckley: buckleyg@guilderlandschools.net

    • Sally Loughrey: loughreys@guilderlandschools.net

    • Nicholas Harris: harrisn@guilderlandschools.net

    • Wendy McDowell: mcdowellw@guilderlandschools.net 

Child in Crisis Resources

Albany County Mobile Crisis:  518-292-5499

Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-8255 

Northern Rivers Behavioral Health Centers 

• Please check with your insurance company for coverage on “tele-therapy” for private therapists in the community.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please dial 911.

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