#LynnwoodStrong: How to talk to your child about cancer

Lynnwood Families,

On Friday, Sept. 27, Elaine Houston from Channel 13 visited our school to cover the story of the Lynnwood community and our support of Mrs. Rizzo. 

We wanted to share a list of talking points to help you talk to your children about cancer. Should any families or students be experiencing distress with this issue, please reach out to our School Social Worker Catherine Ricchetti or our School Psychologist Shelby Samuel. You may reach out to them at 518-355-7930.

Talking points:

  • Cancer is an illness that some people develop.  
  • Cancer is when the cells in your body become ill and grow too fast. Our cells help us grow (K-2). Our cells are the building blocks of life (3-5).  
  • Medical doctors, other health professionals, and scientists help people with cancer get better.
  • Yes, Mrs. Rizzo does have cancer. The doctors are taking care of Mrs. Rizzo and she is getting better.
  • Cancer is not contagious and is not something people can “catch” from someone else.
  • Cancer can hurt but the doctor’s have great medicine to stop any discomfort.
    Sometimes the medicine to help stop cancer makes people’s hair fall out. Mrs. Rizzo likes to wear a scarf on her head because some of her hair has fallen out. It will grow back.
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