Mohawk Supply Lists 2020-21

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Mohawk 6C

  • 1 Trapper Keeper, or something similar- a binder that zippers is ideal
  • 1 three-hole-punched pocket folder (any color, for homework)
  • 1 three-hole pencil case (to fit inside Trapper Keeper)
  • 1 marble composition notebook for Writing
  • 1 one subject spiral notebooks – any color, for Science
  • 1 plastic red pocket folders with fasteners for Math
  • 1 plastic yellow pocket folders with fasteners for Science
  • 1 plastic green pocket folder for Social Studies
  • 1 plastic orange pocket folder for Writing (Language Arts)
  • Texas Instruments Scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS)
  • 4 packages of pencils – please bring one to school and keep 3 at home
  • 1 package of pens
  • 1 package of colored pencils
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 pack of 3 x 3 size post-its
  • 1 package of fine tip markers
  • 1 highlighter
  • a package of glue sticks – please bring one to school and leave the rest at home
  • Wired headphones or earbuds (will be used in many classes)

If you have any trouble getting any of the supplies, please let us know!
We buy extra supplies and are happy to help!

Mohawk 6D

  • composition notebook (communication notebook)
  • two-pocket folder (any color)
  • 1 pack of glue sticks
  • 1 pack of markers
  • 1 pack of crayons
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 1 pack of large zip lock bags
  • 1 pack of erasers
  • Headphones (over-ear preferred if possible)
  • Change of clothes to be kept in locker 🗆

Our Wish List (Optional)

  • Neon Index Cards
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Dry Erase Cleaning Spray
  • Highlighters (preferably colors other than yellow)
  • Loose Leaf Rings
  • Plastic Spoons and Forks

Mohawk 7B

Dear Parents, Summer 2020

We are looking forward to working with your child this year. As part of the Mohawk 7 team, we are hoping that your child will find this school year successful, challenging, and enjoyable. As the end of August approaches and those “Back to School” ads appear, we would like to suggest the following items listed below.


  • Tissue Box (2)

All Core Classes

  • Earbuds / Headphones *these will need to be replaced during the year if lost or broken*
  • Pens/#2 Pencils
  • Colored pencils (one pack)
  • Highlighters (one pack)
  • A pencil case or gallon size ziplock bag to keep materials in your bookbag
  • A book bag big enough to keep your supplies you will need for the day


  • 3 subject spiral notebook (1)


  • 3-ring binder, 1 inch
  • TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator*

*We would like to strongly suggest that you purchase the TI-30X IIS scientific calculator for your child for use in both math and science classes. Calculators will be available during math class time but we cannot send calculators home with students. Due to the change in NYS requirements for eighth grade and the need to begin using a scientific calculator in seventh grade, we feel it is important for each student to have his/her own calculator for math and science, especially for home use. We will be doing in-class calculator lessons with the students using this particular model and it would be most beneficial to the students if they were able to follow these instructions with the same model. This model allows the user to see what has been entered on the display screen.

Jamie Mullins (Social Studies) Joseph Winchester (Science)
Katie McNally (Math) Heather Tagliaferro (Language Arts)
Lauren Fox (Consultant Teacher) Megan Moran (Consultant Teacher)

Mohawk 8B

Listed below are the supplies needed for Mohawk 8 for the 2020-2021 school year. We thought very carefully about these supplies and tried to limit the financial burden on families. We also tried to ask for supplies that will limit cross-contamination between students, therefore we are trying to limit the sharing of materials in the classroom. We recommend labeling all of your materials clearly with your name. If any of these items are cost-prohibitive for your family, please reach out to us so we can find a solution!

Team Supplies

  • (1) boxes of tissues for homeroom
  • (1) set of earbuds or headphones

It is recommended that a student have a way to record their assignments (agenda or digitally)

Math Supplies

  • Take-home folder (can be shared with other classes)
  • Calculator: Math 8: same one as 7th-grade (TI-30X); Algebra I: (TI- 84+)
  • **Pencils (or erasable pens if preferred)
  • (1) Composition notebook
  • (1) Ruler
  • (1) expo marker
  • (1 pack) highlighter – multiple colors are suggested

Science Supplies

  • Take-home folder (can be shared with other classes)
  • (1-24 pack) Colored pencils (can be shared with other classes)
  • (1) Composition notebook
  • (1) 2-inch binder- Bio students only

Social Studies Supplies:

  • (2) Pocket Folders (any color / paper or plastic)
  • (1) Writer’s Notebook

ELA Supplies:

  • (1) Black and white marble composition notebook
  • (1 pack) Pens**
  • (1 24-pack) Colored pencils (same as science, ok)
  • (1) Pocket Folder

**To be replenished throughout the school year.

Important Locker and Lock Information

All returning 8th students in Mohawk are expected to bring back the lock they were assigned the previous year and brought home over the summer. New 8th grade students will be provided one, free-hanging, combination lock in Homeroom at the start of the year. 8th-grade students are responsible for their provided lock for their final year at Farnsworth Middle School. At the end of the school year, students will be required to turn in their assigned lock to their homeroom teacher.

  • Students who misplace or lose this lock will need to purchase a replacement. We encourage them to purchase a school-issued lock at a cost of $5.00 at their House Office.
  • Students must purchase their own lock for the locker they will use in the Physical Education locker room.
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