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Seneca 6F

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Seneca House and the Miller-Ball-Rausch Team!  This is our third year of teaching together and we love what we do.  We are looking forward to a productive and fun-filled year of learning, and we are glad to have you on the team.  We hope the following information helps you and your child prepare for the start of school in September.

Although we spend some good quality time getting to know our new students during the first few days of school, if you would like to email us anything at all that you feel we should know about your child before school starts, please do so.  We will be checking our emails from time to time this summer.

Summer Reading

We are a team of readers.  Our expectation is that each student will read one or two books (or more!) this summer and be ready to talk about them with classmates and teachers during the first few days of school.  To help us get to know our readers, we want each student to keep a log of their summer reading.  Parents please sign this log and return to us on the first day of school.

Scholastic News Magazine Subscription

This current events news magazine is used to supplement the core class curriculum (in Language Arts, Science & Social Studies classes).  Please send in $7 cash or check made out to FMS to your child’s homeroom teacher.

We look forward to meeting you and working together with you toward the success of your child this school year.  We value and encourage open communication between parents and teachers. In September, please:

  • look for our weekly Seneca 6F Friday Letter email blasts for up-to-the minute classroom news and curricular updates
  • monitor your child’s grades on SchoolTool
  • use our Seneca 6F team website (with homework assignments listed) to help your child manage their academic responsibilities
  • sign up to follow our Seneca 6F team Twitter account

The first day of school will be Thursday, Sept. 6 and Grade 6 Open House is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 17. There is also a morning orientation session scheduled for our new 6th graders on Wednesday, Sept. 5.  We look forward to meeting our students and their parents soon!  Until then, have a great rest of the summer.


Kristen Miller, Matt Ball & Dan Rausch;;

Good organizational skills are a major factor in student success at the middle school level.  To help students be well prepared, we have included a list of school supplies necessary for a successful year.  We will spend some time during the first few days of school labeling and organizing supplies.

Miller-Ball-Rausch Seneca 6F Team School Supplies (this includes special area class supplies also)

  • $7 cash or check for FMS for Scholastic News Magazine subscription
  • (2) two-subject 8.5X 11* spiral notebook with durable cover (*handouts will not fit in notebooks smaller than 8.5 X 11  — for Science/Math class and English/Social Studies class (any color)
  • (5) two-pocket folders — for Math/Science; LA/social studies; FACS; Music; Health
  • (1) two-pocket folder, heavy duty (for use as HW folder for all classes)  — any color
  • (1) 1.5” binder for World Language (any color)
  • (1) pencil pouch/bag (all subjects)
  • (1) composition notebook — for Language Arts
  • (2) packets of Post-Its notes — for all subjects
  • (1) Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator (for Math/Science — 6th & 7th grade use)
  • (1) pack of 8 divider tabs — for World Language
  • (4) rolls of scotch tape — all subjects
  • (2) packages of pencils, sharpened — all subjects
  • (2) packages of pens, blue or black ink — all subjects
  • (2) highlighters — all subjects
  • (1) pair of scissors — all subjects
  • (1) 100-sheet package of loose leaf paper — all subjects
  • (1) package of colored pencils — all subjects
  • (6) glue sticks — Math/Science/LA/SS
  • (2) 4 packs) of Expo low odor dry erase markers (any color) — Math & World Languages
  • (1) pair earbuds or headphones — all subjects
  • (3) boxes of tissues — Music/World Languages & Technology
  • (1) combination lock (no key lock) for PE Class
  • (1) package lined index cards — World Language

Seneca 6G

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Brumer/Spring Team and Farnsworth Middle School!  We look forward to working with your children on the first day of school on Thursday, September 6, 2017.  Included with this letter is a list of supplies your child will need for the year.  Please clearly label as many supplies as possible in permanent marker with your child’s name and homeroom number.  Please note that the first list of supplies is only for the 4 core academic subjects. Supply lists for special area classes come after the first list.

During the summer, the expectation is that each student will read at least one book and bring it in during the first week of school and be prepared to talk about it.  Please refer to the recommended reading list on the district’s website. Any books that are read over the summer count toward the annual 25-book requirement. Students should keep track of which books they read so that they can add those books to the Annual Book Record form

Classroom Magazines:

Classroom Magazine: Scholastic News ($7.00): Students purchase this magazine to supplement curriculum, and to enhance reading and writing skills.  This magazine is issued  bi-monthly for the entire year.  Please write a check made payable to FMS, or send cash, in a sealed envelope.  Please label this with your child’s name, homeroom teacher’s name, and “Classroom Magazine.” We would like to have every student purchase the magazine, as it will be used in class.

“Bragging” Letter
Parents, we would like you to write a letter telling us about your child.  We are interested in hearing about his/her strengths as a learner, special interests, and accomplishments, as well as any concerns you may have.  Feel free to brag!  You may send the letter with your child the first day of school, or if you would prefer, you may email us at: and We are looking forward to a wonderful school year with your child.  We look forward to meeting you on Monday, Sept. 17, 2018 at the 6th Grade Parent Open House.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Nancy Brumer
Patrice Spring

For the 2nd day of school:

  • Please write one check for classroom magazine made out to FMS – $7 (for Scholastic News)
  • Bragging letter

On Thursday, Sept.  6,  2018, please have your child bring in all school supplies.

Mrs. Brumer and Mrs. Spring’s Team Supplies

**Please label all binders and notebooks with your child’s name and homeroom number.

**Students will need to purchase supplies for their Foreign Language and Special Area class in the fall upon meeting their teacher.  

  • (4) one-inch plastic flexible binder (Blue for Language Arts; Green for Social Studies; Yellow for Math; Red for Science)
  • (1)  plastic folders with pockets (any color)
  • (2) one–subject spiral notebook (Yellow for Math; Red for Science)
  • (2) Composition notebooks (Language Arts Writer’s Notebook and Reading Journal)
  • (2) packages of pencils
  • (2) packages of pens
  • (2) highlighters
  • (2) packages of loose leaf paper,
  • (2) package of eraser pencil caps
  • (2) glue sticks
  • (1) Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator TI-30XIIS
  • (1) USB drive
  • (1) box of colored pencils
  • (1) pair of earbuds
  • (1) box of tissues
    *Materials should be replenished as needed during the school year.

World Language Supplies:

  • binder (1 1/2″ or larger)
  • (8-10) dividers
  • (1) low odor dry erase marker
  • pens/pencils
  • index cards
  • headphones or earbuds
  • loose-leaf paper
    *Additional supplies may be requested per individual teacher

 Music Supplies  

  • pocket folder with 10-15 pages of white loose-leaf paper
  • pencil (not pen)
  • box of tissues

Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and Health Supplies

  • (2) two-pocket folders (any color)
  • pencil

Physical  Education at FMS

Welcome to Physical Education at FMS.  This program will be a little different than you have experienced in the past.  One of the new things you will experience at the middle school will be a locker room setting.  Each student will be assigned a locker, in which they should store their clothes/belongings.

The following items are needed for physical education class:




The P.E. Department

Seneca 7D

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking forward to working with your child this year.  As part of the Seneca 7 team we are hoping that your child will find this school year successful, challenging, and enjoyable.  As the end of August approaches and those “Back to School” ads appear, we would like to suggest the following items listed below.

  • (2) 1 ½ inch three-ring binders (math, ss,)
  • (2)  ½ inch or 1 inch) binder (LA, science)
  • (1) package of eight dividers (4 science, 4 LA)
  • (2) packages loose-leaf paper (SS, LA)
  • (1) box colored pencils (personal use)
  • pens blue or black (no gel pens) (personal use)
  • #2 pencils (personal use)
  • (1) box of tissues (HR)
  • (2) highlighters multi-color pack (science, math)
  • (3) packs Post-It notes (math)
  • (1) spiral notebook (SS)
  • (2) packages of white 4X6 index cards (science)
  • (1) TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator***
  • (1) heavy duty plastic folder (HW folder for all classes)
  • (1) pair earbuds (to be used with Chromebooks in all classes. This is new for many students, and required for many of their classes)
  • (1) Composition notebook (LA)
  • (4) two-pocket folders (LA, special area classes)

***We would like to strongly suggest that you purchase the TI-30X IIS scientific calculator for your student for use in both math and science classes.  Calculators will be available during math class time but we cannot send calculators home with students.  Due to the change in NYS requirements for eighth grade and the need to begin using a scientific calculator in seventh grade, we feel it is important for each student to have his/her own calculator for math and science especially for home use.  We will be doing in-class calculator lessons with the students using this particular model and it would be most beneficial to the students if they were able to follow these instructions with the same model. This model allows the user to see what has been entered on the display screen.

FMS is expecting to go 1:1 with Chromebooks for the 2018-2019 school year.  As a result, we will be working with students to use Chromebook apps for managing assignments, as a-pads will no longer be available through the school.

Supplies for French, German and Spanish

  • 1 – 1″ binder 8 – dividers
  • loose leaf paper pen or pencil

Supplies for Encore Classes (such as music, FACS, etc.)

  • loose leaf paper box of tissues
  • pens and pencils pocket folders

*There may be additional supplies depending on individual teacher.*

Physical Education at FMS

Welcome to Physical Education at Farnsworth Middle School. Each student will be assigned a locker in which they should store their clothes/belongings.

The following items are needed for physical education class:


Seneca House Phone: 456-6010 ext. 3060

Social Studies:  


Language Arts:


Special Education:

We look forward to seeing you at Open House on September 24!

Mr. Duesler, Ms. Hanna, Mrs. Bryer, Ms. Ryan, and Ms. Capossella

Seneca 8D


Hello, incoming Seneca 8 students!

We hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer vacation. We’ll soon be getting back to the important work of learning, and you will need to bring some materials with you on the first day of school.

General Core Team Supplies (needed for all Core classes)

  • (1) package of highlighter pens
  • loose leaf paper
  • colored pencils
  • pens and pencils
  • erasers
  • glue sticks
  • index cards
  • earbuds


  • (1) box of tissues

Science with Ms. Ford:

  • Science 8:
    • (1) three-ring binder with four tabs
    • (1) Composition notebook or similar (for use as a science journal)

Living Environment:

  • (1) three-ring binder with three tabs

Math with Ms. Sharifipour:

  • Math 8:
    • (1) three-ring binder (3” of larger) with five tabs,
    • (1) two-pocket folder
    • (1) calculator (TI-30X IIS recommended)
    • Post-It Notes
  • Algebra:
    • (1) three-ring binder (3” or larger) with five tabs
    • (1) two-pocket folder
    • (1) calculator (TI84 – Plus Graphing)
    • Post-It Notes

Social Studies with Mr. Banovic:

—  Composition Notebook, pocket folder

Language Arts with Mr. Tuxbury

  • (1) composition notebook
  • (1) 1.5” three-ring binder with three tabs
  • loose leaf paper
  • your choice of independent reading book
  • blue or black pens
  • (1) package of Post-It Page Markers.


General Music 

  • pocket folder with 10-15 pages of loose-leaf paper
  • pencil (not pen)
  • box of tissues

PE Department


Health 8

  • pocket folder

Family & Consumer Science (FACS)

  • (1) One two-pocket folder, any color (new or reused)
  • (1) pencil

WLC Department

Students taking French, German, Italian or Spanish should have the following materials for their World Language class in September:

  • binder
  • 8-10 dividers
  • writing utensils
  • loose leaf paper or notebook
  • headphones or earbuds (available for daily use in class)
  • expo markers
  • index cards
  • tissues


  • headphones to be used in the computer lab


Your Seneca 8 teachers, counselor, and principal can be reached at the following email addresses: | Mr. Tuxbury ELA: Room 452 | Mr. Banovic Social Studies: Room 451 | Ms. Sharifipour Math; Room 456 | Mrs. Ford Science: Room 405 | Ms. Whalen Special Education: Room 457 | Mrs. Pokal School Counselor | Mr. Pipa Seneca House Principal


Please be sure you and your child have separate SchoolTool accounts. If you do not have separate accounts,  go to the district website for more information. All teachers post grades on SchoolTool.

Mark Your Calendars

8th Grade Open House Night will take place on Monday, Oct. 1.  We look forward to meeting our students’ parents and guardians!

Enjoy the remainder of summer recess. We look forward to a strong start with the FMS Class of 2019!

– Mr. Banovic

– Mrs. Ford

– Mr. Tuxbury

-Ms. Sharifipour

-Ms. Whalen

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