Important Notification for Parents and Guardians, Sept. 17, 2020

Please see an important message below from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marie Wiles:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The New York State Division of Parole through local law enforcement agencies has instituted a policy whereby school administrators are notified of paroled sex offenders living or working in our school district. This afternoon, we were provided the name and photograph of the level 3 sex offender, the crime the offender was convicted of, a description of the offender’s modus operandi, the type of victim previously targeted and the name, address and telephone number of the offender’s Parole Officer. You can view a copy of the Sex Offender Information Bulletin here.

In addition, this information has been provided to all school employees, made available in all school offices throughout the school district, posted on the district’s website and listed on cable channel 16. Please understand that this individual is not wanted by the police. However, as a result of the Sex Offender Registration Act, the police notification of schools and neighbors in our community is intended to keep the public better informed as a precautionary safety measure.

Any time we receive this information regarding a level 3 sex offender, it will be circulated to all employees including principals, teachers, teaching assistants, monitors who issue visitors’ passes, bus drivers, custodians, playground monitors, and coaches. Our employees have been directed to notify their building principal or supervisor if they observe any suspicious person(s) in an area where children congregate.

We are dedicated to the safety of our children while they are in school. All of our schools have strict sign-in/sign-out procedures for our students, and all visitors to our buildings are required to sign-in and show a photo ID. In addition, our school curriculum includes teaching personal safety designed to assist students should they be approached by a stranger. We encourage you to talk to your children about personal safety as well.  Books and other resources are available from school counselors, if necessary.

Specific questions about this matter may be directed to the Guilderland Police Department at 518-356-1501 or dial 911 in an emergency.

Please be assured that the school district will continue to take responsible and appropriate measures to protect our students.


Dr. Marie Wiles
Superintendent of Schools

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